"A flowering plant, henna is used as a dye, particularly in hair colouring, and temporary body art known as mehndi (also written as mehendi or mehandi). The dye is extracted from the dried leaf and petioles of the plant. Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration. It is usually drawn on the hands and feet, where the designs will last the longest. "



Credit: Wedding Documentary Photo & Cinema

CL for Maybelline NY Korea x Funky Orange

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RAMI KADI Un Souffle d’Orient Collection

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i could take over the world with these tights

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Crownprincess Marie of Romania in costumes. By Atelier Franz Mandy, Late 1890s.

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Collections that Leave You Breathless—> Suneet Varma | India Bridal Fashion Week | 2013 The Golden Bracelet


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Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewellery Collection

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